Execution log

In many projects it has proven useful to have detailed logs for the execution of procedures or processes. DataHandwerk offers the possibility of a formal logging into the table logs.ExecutionLog - U.

The table appears somewhat bloated at first glance with its many columns. The additional formal and optional information enables better evaluations. For example, activity diagrams can be created.

usp generator can be used to create procedures that can log the execution of the procedure, and the procedure steps in the log.

There are no updates in the logs.ExecutionLog - U table, only inserts.

generate PlantUML diagrams

Example 1. get plantUML procedure execution tree

The following PlantUML diagram can be generated using logs.ftv_ExecutionLog_puml_sequence_start_stop_per_execution - IF

Example 2. get plantUML procedure execution sequence diagram
Example 3. get plantUML detailed sequence diagram

The following detailed sequence diagram is created using

  , puml_Sequence
  , execution_instance_guid
  , parent_execution_log_id
  , proc_schema_name
  , proc_name
  , step_id
  , step_name
  , created_dt
  , source_object
  , target_object
  , inserted
  , updated
  , deleted
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use logging in your own dwh database

To use logging in your own dwh database, the logs schema and its objects must be created there. This is especially useful if the usp generator is also to be used to populate the log.